amplifier amp6



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The amplifier (AMP6) is the circuit board driving the motor in most TigerStop positioners. AMP6 is compatible with TigerStop and HeavyDuty.  

#103700301 #AMP6

 Important things to note when ordering this part: 

  • The Amplifier (AMP6) is shipped without the aluminum Cover (MBC2). It is recommended to order the aluminum cover with your Amplifier.
  • AMP6 requires a Controller (CON5) and is not compatible with older controllers. 
  •  It's important to test the motor before ordering an AMP6, because a damaged motor can destroy a fresh amplifier.
  • AMP6 orders require the serial number of the machine that will receive the electronics. Please enter the serial number in the notes box during checkout, or email This item cannot ship without receipt of the serial number. 
  • If you are unable to determine your serial number please contact for additional support or watch the below videos.



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